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Age: 19
Role: Submissive / Bottom

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CASPER ELLIS Latest Updates
Destroyed Vol 2
Added: 12/29/2017
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You thought they got it going in Part One? Think again.
Part Two is where the real action is! Mickey enters the dungeon and finds Casper whose ass is just begging to be tortured. After some spanking and whipping, Master Mickey push his throbbing cock in Casper’s whore mouth. He plunges in deep and...

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Twink Torment
Added: 11/17/2017
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Casper finds himself tied to a table, being a submissive slave to Ollie’s torture.
This dirty toy loves being tortured by men in rubber! Cbt, Pegs, Electro, Anal Hook, Whipping, Cane, Restrains, Nipple Play, this is only the beginning for Casper. This dirty video will end with a massive cum facial!...

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25 min of video
I Need Your Cum
Added: 10/06/2017
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Super horny sluts Casper Ellis and Angel Flair hit each other up and are ready for a hot, steamy session. Angel pushes his rock solid, throbbing cock deep inside Casper who takes it like a real power bottom. These cum hungry twinks keep going on far beyond when you’d think they’re about to finish....

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Rough And Raw
Added: 09/08/2017
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Careless toy boy Casper Ellis wanders around in the wrong part of town looking for a free smoke but everything has a price… 
He finds himself in a dungeon filled with lots of devious toys which all belong to the merciless master Claude Nikotine, to whom the shrieks of a helpless subject sound like...

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Take It Rough Slut
Added: 09/01/2017
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Toy boy Casper Ellis got hit up by the hung and horny Felipe Capuco. As they are in a mood to get rough they head down the stairs to the play room. Fuck slut Casper gets a blowjob by Felipe after which they switch, before Felipe puts his hard cock deep inside Casper who keeps begging for more. Felipe...

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Angel's Cum Shower
Added: 08/04/2017
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Our three beautiful boys Angel Flair, Casper Ellis and Jack Taylor got hot together. Very hot! New boy Angel had never been in porn before and always wanted to have a threesome. When Casper and Jack heard about this they couldn’t think of any better way to welcome Angel than to give him exactly what...

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Thank You Sir
Added: 07/28/2017
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Rent Boy Casper has been locked to the bench in the dungeon for more days than he could count and is now ready to be used by Sam Syron who is a regular visitor to the venue.
Casper has been on edge for so long now and has been tortured into being the most willing submissive boy Sam could possibly wish...

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Pov Bareback And Facial A Twink
Added: 07/14/2017
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Claude Nikotine is sitting in his bedroom on a hot summer night and what else seems more interesting than to invite hot online date Casper Ellis over for a good fuck. This video shows all of Casper’s hot Twink body while not forgetting about Claude’s massive cock. Have your own personal piece of...

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27 min of video